pss-autosoft Image.EasyInstall EDIABAS - INPA - DIS GT1 - SSS Progman Diagnostic Software

Dealer Diagnostic Software for BMW and Mini

BMW and Mini SSS Progman Main Screen.

How We Do It.

The process is the same for the BMW/Mini or Rolls-Royce versions. This is a synopsis of the process. It is not difficult, and can usually be completed in an hour or so (and much of that time is taken by extracting the compressed files).

Note that this is based on the DVD version, however download version is largely the same, except for the time required to download the data (up to 7.5GB).

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PSS Main Installation Screen.

Our DVD version installer will determine the operating system of your host computer, whether it is Windows XP (32-bit only), Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit), as well as Windows 11 (64-bit) and configure itself to match. We include or provide links to all the required software packages to install, configure and use the BMW Factory software without you needing to find, configure or figure out what is correct in your system. The DVD version software is compressed onto a single 8.5GB DVD, and we first extract and download and install all the required support packages (except for VMware workstation or Player and a PDF reader).

The installer is used by simply selecting the option, then allowing the system to complete. For the preconfigured EDIABAS, the installer starts an installation program included in the primary installer, and the appropriate options are selected. In the case of the programs to facilitate printing from the DIS, the installer starts these individual program installers as needed. The virtual machines are extracted from the DVD where they are stored using our extraction program on the drive location you selected during the initial phase of the setup.

Systems Settings Verification.

There are several utility applications we've created to make your life easier. The first is the BMW Diagnostic System Configuration Check application. This utility verifies that all required settings are configured properly. The second utility will fix all the settings that you could accidentally change or reconfigure in the Windows Operating System configuration.

CableSelect Utility which supports serial and USB Cables as well as all OEM Diagnostic Heads

The EZCableSelect utility allows you to quickly and accurately change the operating characteristics of the system to utilize a different Interface Cable. Switch from USB DCAN to ADS to Serial KCAN or even OEM DK, OPS and OPPS with only a few button clicks. The utility even tells you which port any installed USB cables (those using the FTDI chip set) are connected to.

EZSwitch Utility which that switches the verison of the EDIABAS from 6.4.7 to 7.3.0 and back

The EZSwitch utility allows you to instantly change the active version of the EDIABAS. This allows users flexibility in using different tools for different purposes.

Configure FTDI Cables.

We include installation/removal tools for the common FTDI chipped USB cables as well as a configuration utility for the installed FTDI port. The “as-installed” settings for the USB COM port the driver defaults to are incorrect. To fix this we include the FTDI Configuration utility which will update the configuration for FTDI based USB EDIABAS/OBD KCAN or DCAN or K+DCAN cables. Just click the Configure button and it is completed. No manual editing of anything.

Example INPA Data Screen.

Once all the software is installed and you've added the virtual machines to VMware, then you simply take the computer with the cable and a fully charged battery to the car and hook up (preferably you are using a BMW certified external automotive power supply for the newer cars to avoid any unpleasant surprises). As long as you’ve correctly followed all the installation steps outlined in our comprehensive installation manual you can run the INPA software to verify that the system talks to the car, or just jump right into the DIS or SSS. If you use the INPA first you can connect and check out some of the functions and data available. There are several useful support programs included with the EDIABAS installation, though some have the power to really mess up the electronics if you are not sure what you are doing.

DIS Main Screen.

When you start VMware, choose either the DIS v44 or v57 and Power up and a screen similar to this. We've modified things from the standard installation to make using these virtual machines more user friendly as well as helping to avoid DIS database corruption.

SSS Progman Host OS.

We have made the SSS Progman easier to use, allowing you to get to the underlying Operating System so that you can properly shut down Windows, access the printers directly, drag your printouts (saved as PDF files) to the host OS for printing or archiving, run maintenance utilities on the host OS etc. To ensure compatibility with ALL the different interfaces we have built and included a utility program that will allow the Progman application to switch between EDIC emulation (early cars) OPS emulation (later cars) and of course completely unaltered (for using a “real” BMW head). We’ve also ensured that the BMW package includes Mini and that the dreaded 12.4 volt issue in Progman is fixed when using any after-market cable.

SSS Progman Home Screen.

Once the Virtual Machine Windows XP completes loading, start the Progman and the Home screen appears.

SSS Progman Connection Choice.

Because not everyone has the same diagnostic cable, or the same interface requirements, we built in a utility that will allow you to select the correct SSS Progman interface connection type for your current situation. We support the K-Line after-market cables (EDIC), D-CAN after-market cables (OPS) and of course OEM diagnostic heads (Either EDIC or OPS but automatically chosen by Progman upon detection). The utility is run one time before you use the SSS Progman. It does not need to be run each time (unless you change cables or car series often of course).

SSS Progman Settings Change.

Using the SSS Progman for encoding (programming!) the Car-Key memory for your BMW or Mini (and Rolls-Royce for that version or Progman) is easy. It shows you the applicable options, you select them, and then click on 'Encode car'.

SSS Progman Settings Completed.

When completed the SSS Progman reports on the status of the encoding process.

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